We’re the Sullivan’s

My name is Amanda and I will be your guide on this blog adventure.

I have 4 kids, a dog, and a pain in the ass husband. He’s cute though so I keep him around.

This is me and my son Jude. Jude has one of those personalities that lights up the room. He was born to change the world.


This is Mark. We have been married 8.5 years. He’s usually grumpy because Uncle Sam drains his soul on the daily. (Just kidding, he loves his job).


Then there’s the twins, Jack and Dannie. They’re identical twins, genetically speaking, but their personalities are polar opposites. Dannie is introverted and somber. Jack is so happy-go-lucky we call him ‘Happy Jack’.

Dannie left, Jack right

My oldest is Emily. She’s almost taller than me (I’m 5’6″) and she is her mother’s daughter, that’s for sure. It makes me crazy. She is incredibly artistic and smart. She, unlike me, has no problem getting up in front of people and singing her heart out. I admire her bravery.


We love to adventure. When I say we love to adventure I mean I kind of force them to. They always end up enjoying it.

I love history, cemeteries, the outdoors and abandoned buildings. I like weird.

I’ve decided to start blogging our adventures because I enjoy sharing my stories and photos with others. I thought maybe the rest of the world would like to share in this crazy, often disastrous, hilarious life of ours.

So hit the follow button if you like, and I hope to see you soon!



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