Missouri Travel: Nevada, Missouri Part I

The charming town of Nevada, Missouri is packed full of history and architecture that will blow your mind. The locals pronounce it NevAYda.

Let me just go ahead and start this blog post off with this:


Do I have your attention now? I know, it’s amazeballs, huh? Sorry about the tree. I took this on a drive-by photo shoot (Mark was driving). My creeper status was level 10 that day.

There are so many Victorian homes in this town that they have a Victorian Homes Driving Tour. I haven’t had the chance to drive it yet because the Chamber of Commerce isn’t open on the weekends when I am there. As soon as I do, I will write a post with photos of all of them.

Here are two more I have happened upon:

George F. Barber architect. 823 N. Washington St. H. P. Hildebrant home. 1900
George F. Barber architect. 1008 N. Washington St. William Armstrong home. 1895

The town of Nevada was founded in 1855. In the following years it experienced it’s fair share of death and violence that I will go into in a follow up post. I plan on this being at minimum a three part series, so I will cover just the basics in this post.
If you just can’t wait, here ya go. Spoil the surprise.

The downtown area is full of original buildings with construction dates ranging from the late 1800s to the turn of the century. The designs and colors on the buildings are amazing. I really hate that anything has been modernized but I understand that sometimes it’s required to keep the structure standing. Modern structures are so blasé. We could use a little more ornate design and grandiosity in today’s buildings. Just my opinion, of course.

If you use your imagination you can almost see the dirt roads and horse and buggies in your mind:




Deepwood Cemetery

This cemetery was established in 1869. The gravestones and statues in this cemetery are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. This location is also on the Nevada Victorian Tour.

Here is an INSANE story about one of the burials in the cemetery, and here are some photo’s of some of the amazing headstones:


The 3 hour drive to Nevada can be rough for us, especially with the kids. There are some really cool little towns along the way, but between them is nothingness.

Nevada is an awesome pot of gold at the end of that not so colorful rainbow though!

If you ever get a chance, be sure to check it out.






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