Days like today

I knew it was going to be a frustrating day from the moment I opened my eyes. I ate two jelly donuts hoping it would sway that feeling, but nope. No amount of nasty sugar was going to fix whatever the universe had going for me today.

My vehicle door was frozen shut. I finally managed to get it open using force. I’m pretty sure I broke something on the door. Oops. Is it normal for there to be icicles inside the vehicle? Asking for a friend who is really tired of her vehicle’s shit.

When I was a kid, I used to try to force puzzle pieces into the wrong spot. It seemed more efficient for me to do that rather than take the time to conform to whatever that idiot puzzle maker had planned. My dad used to get frustrated and tried to make it into a life lesson about how things didn’t always go the way I wanted and teach me that I couldn’t force them to fit where they didn’t belong. For the most part, I’ve adapted. But, sometimes, I’m still the kid forcing the red barn piece into the field of flowers.

I was that kid today, and the car door was the puzzle. Screw you Buick, and super screw you Mother Nature.

I had a bone scan done today (nothing serious, just a possible stress fracture from running and I’m just now getting around to having it looked at). It’s actually a really cool technology.

I was hoping the nuclear whatever it is they injected into me for the scan would allow me to fly or become a super human of some sort. The nurse crushed my hopes and dreams where that was concerned real quick. No super human Spidey senses for me, so that was a bust.

I did get awarded a pretty sweet burn from my allergy to medical tape though. Thank God it’s Winter because my arm looked like I had leprosy. It’s better now. That was strike two.

Bonus: turns out, my skeleton looks like an actual skeleton. I’m not sure what I was thinking it would look like… but seeing it was strange. Good to know there really are bones in there. Still, a little disappointed to be so normal.

Someone alert the Flat Earther’s. Skeletons, at least, are not CGI. Jury is still out on the moon landing. 

My coffee froze in the car while I was in there. That was disappointing.

I didn’t get anything else done today. My mood combined with the kids being home from school rendered me pretty much useless. I understand school closures due to inclement weather but I really have questions about how these decisions are made sometimes. That’s another story for another day.

I don’t think I will beat the universe today. I’ve had a pretty good run of it lately, so I imagine it has to balance somewhere. If life has taught me anything it’s that when I have days like these, it’s a precursor to really awesome things so I will take it. I will suck today down for the useless pile of cow dung it was and move forward and see what tomorrow brings.




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