Missouri Travel: Red Oak II Missoura in photos

If I ever tell you I hate whimsy, I’m lying to protect my tough chick reputation.

It usually isn’t my favorite style when it comes to art and sculpture, but Lowell Davis has nailed it with Red Oak II near Carthage, Missouri.

The artist has meticulously moved an entire town onto his property and transformed it into a giant open-air museum/art project/neighborhood.

He lives on site but wasn’t home while we were there. I hear he is happy to talk to visitors when he is.

I could go on and on about the history, but you can Google all that. For this blog, I’m going to let the photos tell the story.

When you first pull in, you are greeted by the Town Hall, Feed and Seed store, and Red Oak Cafe. (None of the buildings are open at this time, but rumor has it they will be eventually.)

When you round the corner there is the General Store, a school, and a gas station.

This is where the real fun started for me. Art, art, everywhere. Sculptures galore. Even the walking paths were art. If you like unique, this is the place for you. I couldn’t possibly fit everything this place offers into one post.

(Kid-friendly, too.)

The buildings are magnificent. The colors are so vibrant it creates a surreal feeling. Some of these are private residences, so if you go, watch for the signs and respect their space.

Dogs are running around, but they’re friendly.

There is even an old church. Have I mentioned I love old churches? It looks as if it’s still used, but I can’t say for sure.

The old vehicles are fantastic. The boys really enjoyed them. I wish hood ornaments were still a thing. I need one of those bad boys on the Buick!

Randoms include a water tower, cemetery, fort and oil station.

Even the fire hydrants are artsy.

I plan on returning this summer when everything is green and in bloom. It was cold and overcast the day we went so I missed a lot of photo opportunities.

As far as offbeat attractions go this one is a must see.

It’s conveniently located near Route 66 and I44, so if you are on a road trip or traveling near Joplin or Carthage, be sure to stop in!


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