Missouri Travel: The Cottage at Ozark Highlands Farm

*photo are large. Please give them a moment to load!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for over a month, so my apologies. Life has been busy!

In late February, we had a chance to return to the farm we had stayed at a few weeks prior.

This time we stayed in the cottage across the street. It is a standalone and the most charming thing I have seen in awhile.

I didn’t have a chance to see Merre this trip, but I did get to meet her husband John! He was gracious enough to come out in the pouring rain to help us with the fireplace and internet.

The cottage, like Thirties, did not disappoint me. It includes a full kitchen, bathroom and 4 beds. We have a family of six, but Merre made sure to leave the cots for the twins!

Of course, it had the same amazing design touches as the last rental!

I’ll let the photos do the talking here.

Next time, I am determined to have my morning coffee out here…

It’s a farm, so naturally there is a barn. This one has goats and a horse. Forgive me for throwing in random black and white photos, but they’re some of my favorites.

There are working dogs there to protect the goats, but they’re friendly enough. You leave them alone, they leave you alone. Simple as that.

The fan favorite though, was Jill the cat. She is so good natured. Even being severely allergic to cats I couldn’t help but pet her.

She certainly wasn’t hurting for attention… and she has the patience of a saint.

I was hoping to explore the property more and check out the trail and such, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. Such is life.

I really loved the old buildings on the property. They really give the place character. I laughed at the tree that grew around the outhouse. Mother nature doesn’t stop for anything.

Just for fun, here are some bonus photos:

I absolutely love Merre’s rentals. She always goes the extra mile to add a personal touch and you can see that this is a labor of love.

I read through the scrapbook she left detailing the transformation of the property over time. Like The Thirties, the renovations she made were unbelievable. It is unrecognizable from it’s original form.

We are hoping to make it back this Summer. I can only imagine how gorgeous it is out there when everything is in bloom! If you are ever near Carthage or Joplin, check out the cottage on Airbnb. You won’t be disappointed.


While we were in town, my new friend Bennie invited us to attend a civil war headstone dedication so I could photograph and write a blog about it.

I made it to this beautiful cemetery, but the lightning, low visibility, and flood warnings forced me to leave. Having just been in the accident a few weeks prior, my anxiety over the drive back to the farm took over.

It was such an honor to be invited, and I am really looking forward to the next time I have a chance to see one of his events.



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