New year, new adventures.

With our minor heat wave in full effect, this weekend was the perfect time to get the family out and do some hiking. Emily wasn’t interested, so it was just the boys and Mark and I.

There was half of a local trail I hadn’t hiked yet that provided the perfect incline to fulfill Dannie’s request to ‘climb a mountain’.

The first part of the trip started off rough. Admittedly, I wasn’t in the best of moods, and the fact that GPS repeatedly failed us led to kids with car sickness. The Big Piney was flowing today so we stopped to take in the view.

We eventually made it to the trail without any major catastrophes and Dannie was able to climb his mountain.

I love hiking in Missouri any time of year but prefer the fall and winter months – mainly due to the absence of ticks. We can sit and rest without the creepy crawlers getting in our pants.

I took some photos of Mark and the boys. They came out about how you would expect a Sullivan family photo to look. No fake smiles here folks.

Don’t ask about Dannie’s belly button. I don’t know. I’m just his parent.

The kids were about done after the climb, so we turned around and headed back down. The view from the top was great. I fell behind on the way down so Dannie came back to save me.

The highlight of the trip was the creek.

We spent about 45 minutes down by the creek. My kids are true adventures and absolutely fearless. They pretended the leaves were boats and chased them down the creek.

I was going to try for some underwater video but I was afraid my phone’s waterproofing would fail. It wasn’t worth the risk.

We had an awesome time! It was a great start to a new year. I’m hoping to find time and money for more adventures this year, so stay tuned!


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