Two adults, four kids, and a dog who have set out to change the world one city at a time.

We try to find the good in the bad, the beautiful in the ugly, and the hope in despair.

We are not perfect, we are flawed just like everyone else.

I (Amanda) am originally from Orlando, Florida. My husband (Mark) is from Columbus, Ohio.

We have lived in Colorado (twice), Georgia, and are currently living in Missouri. Colorado is home for us and we are hoping to be able to move back within the next 2 years.

The rocky mountains are everything to me. It’s the one place where I truly feel like I belong. You will probably get sick of hearing me whine about missing them. I get homesick a lot.

Until the time comes when we can head home, we are making the most of where we are. There are things to do everywhere if you’re willing to look.

A few warnings: 

  • I curse. A lot. If that bothers you this probably isn’t the blog for you.
  • We are wildly inappropriate sometimes.
  • You never know what will come out of my mouth next.
  • I rant sometimes. Just take it for what it is.
  • Sometime I touch on tough topics. Life is real.

If you can live with all of that then please stick around. You can also go follow me on Instagram: @amandalouisesullivan

I’m not doing this for the clicks, or the likes. I’m doing this because I really love sharing my experiences with those around me and meeting new people.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I am looking forward to sharing our adventures (and misadventures) with all of you!